Leveraging a simple idea into creative initiatives.


Our immersion sessions are designed specifically to align the objectives of your organisation and understand what organisational structure, culture and processes you need.

Through exploration, we focus on user research and market analysis to have a complete understanding of customer needs and take on the right challenges.

You will be welcomed in an inspirational environment where our multi-disciplinary team enables you to generate innovative ideas, unlock creativity and align your organisation.

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Using our Digital Intelligence platform, research team, you will harnesses the power of PwC's network of subject matter specialists combined with analytical platforms and gain thought leadership insights on innovation, competition, within the industry.

Immersion Sessions

How does it work?

Define the challenge

We begin by defining the session agenda and activities, desired answers, outcomes and outputs for the session.

checkmarkDefine objectives
checkmarkDesign session
checkmarkDefine outcomes and outputs

Gather Insights

Then, we ask the right questions and use the right methods to discover your customer's behaviors and needs.

checkmarkUser research
checkmarkMystery shopping
checkmarkMarket analysis

Immerse yourself

Together we rapidly learn, ideate, iterate and prioritise ideas with key influencers from your organisation and our best team.

checkmarkFrame the problem
checkmarkLearn and ideate
checkmarkChallenge and validate
checkmarkAlign and commit

Define concept

Lastly, we pull-through work on the ideas generated in the session. This helps to ensure continuity keeps accelerating the new project.

checkmarkPropose solutions
checkmarkDevelop concepts and business cases

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We are a community of business, technological experts and user experience designers collaborating to enhance strategic transformation and creative competitiveness.

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